Former Fitness Model Makes A Whopping £1,500 A Month Selling Dirty Socks

The majority of us make it to pay day every month by putting in a lot of hard work and sometimes across unsociable hours. Some of us have jobs that are so stressful that we pour our blood sweat and tears into it every single day.

Meet the woman who gets paid £15,000 per month to torture willing men

Melisande Sin, 25, can teach you everything there is to know about BDSM – but be prepared to pay for it (in both pain and money). The dominatrix from Gdansk, Poland, makes £15,000 per month torturing men in inventive ways – from leaving them in a cell for days to tying them up and whipping them.

Meet The People Who Get Off On The Idea Of Being Eaten

People can be attracted to virtually anything on the planet. Some act on those desires and others keep it in a realm of fantasy. There’s foot fetishes, scat fetishes, bondage fetishes, car fetishes…you get the picture.

Woman who rebels against her Catholic upbringing by smothering herself in food is searching for a boyfriend who enjoys sploshing too

Mia Cid is a splosher – someone who enjoys squashing and smearing food all over their body. The 23-year-old gets pleasure from being messy and mucky, often taking part in sexy photoshoots where she smothers herself in cream, chocolate, and cakes.

Retail Worker Pays Women $100 A Go To Give Him Wedgies

A man who has been paying women to give him wedgies for around five years estimates that he’s gone through between 110 to 140 pairs of underwear. He said: “Sometimes I will climax as it’s happening. Other times it’s not until later, I’ll be thinking about it and I will probably masturbate to it.”

A beginner’s guide to foot play

In fact, a recent survey by the sex toy brand Lelo revealed that feet are the top body part to play with, apart from genitals. But if you’re a newbie podophile – the official term for someone who is sexually aroused by trotters – it can be hard to know where to begin, or how to tell your lover that you want to worship their feet.

Model Spends Over £33,000 On Surgery To Look Like Fetish Sex Doll

An erotica model has splurged over £33,000 on plastic surgery to enhance her body in a bid to look like a fetish sex doll. When Ariane Saint-Amour, 28, from Montreal, Canada, left college, she began to strip in clubs to pay for body modifications and latex bodysuits.

Why are foot fetishes so common?

Sexual fetishes are nothing new, but in recent years stigma around them has lifted somewhat. People are more open to talking about what turns them on, with communities forming on- and offline so that likeminded souls can share their kinks.

49-Year-Old Makes Living By Posting Pictures Of Her Feet On Instagram

Making a living by sharing pictures of yourself on social media sounds like a dream job. Not even just for the vainest among us, either (I mean, we all like to look nice, but…) – it’d sound amazing to almost anyone, because a ten-second working day can’t really be topped.

Woman who lives as a full-time baby sleeps in a crib and spends hundreds on nappies

A 25-year-old woman spends around £250 a month on nappies to maintain her lifestyle as a full-time baby. Paigey, from the U.S, belongs to a fetish community – adult baby diaper lovers – known as ABDL. The content creator wakes up every morning in a crib.