Anal Masturbation: Do it first with your fingers

More or less everyone knows how to masturbate with fingers, but the use of butt plugs are still not popular. One of the most delicate toys is a butt plug, which is designed for anal stimulation. This sex toy is perfect for beginners who want to learn to diversify sex life and experience anal pleasure or for the first time to feel an orgasm.

What is anal plug for?

If you want to experience pleasant and unforgettable emotions, you should follow the simple rules of using the product for adults. You will be able to experience the peak of anal pleasure and avoid unpleasant surprises by following simple tips.

Always use grease.

The anus cannot secrete natural lubricant; therefore a lubricant should be used for comfortable use of anal plug. Despite the fact that physiologically the rear opening is not intended for the introduction of foreign objects into it with the help of artificial lubricant, you can experience the beauty of anal orgasm without unpleasant sensations. You should treat the entire surface of the sex toy with a lubricant, so that the input and output of the toy for the anus will be pleasant and painless. The artificial lubricant will prevent all possible discomfort and micro trauma, which can be caused by inept use of a delicate object.

Remember, above all care

During anal caresses, remember, the anus is not intended for the introduction of any objects, so be careful. It is important to begin to caress smoothly and gradually, avoiding sudden movements and accelerations. We recommend that beginners enter the anal toy first by a couple of centimeters and allow the anus to push it out independently, increasing the amplitude of movements each time. Thus, you will give your body to get used to new sensations and present new emotions without unpleasant sensations.

In what position should use anal plugs

Fans of anal caresses use toys in various poses, but beginners should be more careful in experiments. The following poses are most comfortable for such games:

  • On knees;
  • squatting;
  • lying on your back with your legs apart (we recommend putting a pillow under your back).

Butt plugs – caress without limits

Butt plug is almost universal toys that can give you pleasure at any time. Due to the compactness of this product for adults, you are this product for adults without any restrictions: in the shower, in bed, walking along the street, doing household chores, etc. The device is great as a simulator before anal sex and for this woman should use it as often as possible.

Hygiene is important

Hygiene is a guarantee of health, so follow the purity of your adult toy. Always be sure to clean it after use, and better disinfect. We recommend using condoms during anal caresses. Take care of your health and enjoy new experiments in sex.

Anal chains

In our modern world, there are many sex products for anal games, some of which are anal chains (anal balls, anal beads). Their main task is the diversity of your intimate life, through additional anal stimulation, or anal masturbation. Chains perfectly relax the muscles of the anus, than perfectly prepare you for anal pleasures and caresses, and can also serve as an addition to anal sex.

What are anal chains?

Anal chains are balls (beads) on a flexible or rigid coupling that can gradually increase in size. They can be of various shapes, diameters, structures and materials, as well as balls with built-in vibro-mechanisms. Beads can have a smooth or embossed surface, which helps to increase the intensity of anal stimulation. The materials used to make such toys are very diverse – these are silicone, glass, metal, gel, latex, and thermoplastic rubber. Specially taking care of beginners, manufacturers produce a variety of anal sets, which include anal chains and balls of different sizes, diameters and colors. Their existence will help you to easily determine the desired size and diameter of the product.

How to use anal chains?

For maximum pleasure, you need to relax, you can either lie on your back, taking a comfortable position, or lean on your hands and knees. Then slowly and gradually begin to enter the toy in the anal. Do not forget about the lubricant for anal comfort (best water-based), it is necessary to completely cover the anal stimulator, this will allow you not to worry about possible pain and fully enjoy the new toy. Anal beads can use both women and men. For men, they serve as additional prostate stimulants, and women are helped to make the vaginal orgasm brighter.

To extract the anal chain, use the ring which is located on the tip of the toy. Extreme lovers are advised to diversify sensations, by abruptly removing the chain at the time of orgasm or its rotation.

Care for anal chains.

After use, the beads should be treated with an antiseptic or washed with warm water and soap. Since anal chains (balls, beads) have a variety of shapes, it is difficult to clean them up properly, because of this it is recommended to use them with a condom. Keep such goods must be out of the reach of children, avoiding direct sunlight. Anal stimulants are personal use toys; they cannot be transferred to another partner, as this can cause various infectious diseases. Sex shops offer you a large assortment of anal stimuli. Give pleasure to yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy anal pleasures and caresses in full.

What form of vibrator will best suit your purpose?

Today there are a very large number of models in this category, and in the future the range will only expand. But there are a number of features that combine vibrators into categories:

  • Realistic vibrators have a believable phallic shape. Depending on the diameter, they can only be used for vaginal or anal penetration. Naturally, they can be used to stimulate the clitoris.
  • Among the classical vibrators, cylindrical devices with a rounded end prevail, possibly with pronounced additional relief suitable for almost all types of stimulation. Very often in this category there are mini-vibrators.
  • Stimulators of the clitoris are vibrators that are not large in size and are intended only for exciting the clitoris. This is the perfect choice for women who can only have a clitoral orgasm. This category includes Butterfly type vibrators. In fact, the body can be made in the form of other animals for example, mice or dolphins. But the most important thing is the presence of ribbons, which allows fixing the device in the right place and does not worry about it during sex or other types of arousal.
  • Vibrators to stimulate the G point can inherently fall into any other category, but at the same time has a curved head end or just a special bend of the body, allowing targeted stimulation of this cherished zone. Learn more about where G is.
  • Computer vibrators or Rabbit vibrators are equipped with a large range of speeds and pulsation modes. Often they have two important elements: processes for combined vaginal and anal penetration, antennae or the like to stimulate the clitoris. The second element is built-in plates, small balls or something else in a similarity, rotating or sending additional vibration.

Anal vibrators have a small diameter and are specifically designed for comfortable stimulation of this zone. It can be flat or with special dome-shaped extensions.

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