is both a journal and a blog. Allie Jacobs’ curiosity about different fetishism is what made her sign up for this blog. Allie is a psych major, and she got really interested when one of the topics in class was about fetishism. She started reading more about fetishism even after the class was done with the subject.

There are different interesting topics, and became a journal and a blog in one. After publishing a handful of content, Allie decided to flip to look more like a blog than just a rough journal. She cleaned up the articles, deleted some, and now she regularly updates it with fresh and relevant content. now caters to a diverse segment of readers. It has fans from the BDSM community, people with weird fetishes, and anyone who is looking into some reading materials about sex in general. Make sure you do not miss any of these great content by subscribing to our feeds!

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